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Announcing the WGS
6th Annual Conference – "A Day With Ancestry"
October 14, 2017
JOIN us for this unique day with the world leader in Genealogy information and research tools.  Ancestry will present a day-long series of classes that may give you  new ideas to help your research and answer questions you have. Don't miss this chance to spend a full day with the leder in geanelogy research. Breakfast and lunch included with registration.  RESERVE your seat now!
Registration is open, including online, Click Here to learn more.


MGC & World War I Museum Trip

JOIN US for four days of research and education at the Midwest Genealogical Center (MGC) in Indepence, Mo and a side trip to the World War I Memorial and Museum in Kansas City  – Tuesday thru Friday, September 5 - 8, 2017. CLICK HERE to read about the exciting trip and and for registration.


Wichita "Who's Who" Indexed

We continue adding more records and indexes to our collection of online historical data from the Wichita. The 1929 and 1980 Who's Who in Wichita index have been posted in the Area Research section.  CLICK HERE to see over 2,000 names in the 1929 volume and more than 1,000 in the 1980 book. These books with the named biographies can then be viewed in the Wulfmeyer Genealogy Center in the downtown library.

NEW! Obituary Indexes 1939, 1941-45 & 1954

The Wichta Genealogical team led by Rosie Wiley has completed indexing all obituaries that appeared in the 1939, 1941 through 1945 & 1954 Wichita Morning Eagle. The index gives a date and page number in the paper where an obituary is found. Members, login and Click Here to see the indexes and discover how you can get a copy of the obituary. More years are being indexed and will be available soon.


NEW! Early Wichita Death Certificates

Wichita Death Certificates
The WGS has recently completed the index and transcription of death certificates issued by the city of Wichita from 1887 to 1911. This information is free to all visitors to this web site.  Click Here to see the wonderful new data available for your genealogy and family history research.


13,000 Names Indexed for You

The WGS has completed a massive project of indexing over 60 books of Wichita history listing more than 13,000 name entries. The complete index is available to WGS members to help them find ancestors and family members that may have appeared in one of these books.  
The index gives the book title, the page number of the entry, and the library call number to help find the book.  It is sorted by surname and available in nine volumes as PDFs.  Members, log in and  CLICK here to see this fabulous resource.


Wichita & Sedgwick County History Book

We have recently discovered a great history resource in our own Wichita Public Library. It is the Wichita and Sedgwick County History Book.  Now it was not lost, hidden, or is it new. Most of us just didn't know it existed. Michelle Enke, our Local History Librarian, brought this interesting book to our attention recently. Learn about area history from a two-volume collection of published articles from the 1880s to 1932.  The WGS has indexed the book and includes that index online for WGS Members. You may find your ancestors in it. Learn about it here – FOR WGS MEMBERS ONLY.


Monthly Activity Updates

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September 4
SIG Meeting Cancelled
Happy Labor Day
September 5
2017 Research Trip
See complete detail on our WGS Trip page
September 16
What can you learn from your Ancestors FAN club (Family, Associates & Neighbors)?
We will consider the 5 W’s (Who, What, Where, When & Why) of the people that interacted with your Ancestor.  Did they live in the same neighborhood, were they related someway, did they work together and much more information will be discussed to help identify neighbors and other associates ...
October 2
Special Interest Group Meeting
WGS Members Only
October 14
WGS 6th Annual Conference
Ancestry.com was fantastic in 2010 and we are proud to present them once again.   Juliana Szucs from Ancestry.com will be joining us for our 6th Annual conference, October 14, 2017.   Conference Topics Include: Getting the most from Ancestry Common Surnames: Finding Your Smith Hidden Treasures on Ancestry A Dozen ...