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Video Available - Dockum Drug Store Sit-In

AVAILABLE NOW for everyone. Click Here for the great presentation by Prisca Barnes, founder and CEO of Storytime Village, Inc.
Bronze sculpture commemorating the 1958 anti-segregation sit-in at Dockum drugstore's lunch counter
Lewis Reflection Square Park. 
205 E. Douglas Ave, Wichita, Kansas

WGS Announces a Great 2021 Lineup

Mark your calendar for our 2021 Monthly Webinars and Meetings. We have an interesting and informative schedule of programs for you. Beginning in January, we will continue with our virtual programs – presented via the Zoom application. As the year progresses, we hope to be back in front of you in the Wichita Public Library. Please watch for announcements about each meeting.
January 16
Today’s DAR and the Genealogical Treasures That It Holds, by Julie Crawford
February 20
Prisca Barnes  presents Wichita's Dockum Drugstore Sit-In
March 20
DNA for Genealogy - Clutter or Clusters by Margaret Kline
April 17
Creating a Research Guide by Rosie Wiley
May 15
Quarterly, Bonnie Johnson
Suzanna Midora Salter, 1st Woman US Mayor
June 19
The G.A.R. in Kansas: A Treasure Chest of Civil War Genealogy by Gary Clark
July 17
The Western History Collections by Jason Felihkatubbe
August 21
Quarterly, Orin Friesen
History of Country Music in Wichita from the 1920s On
September 18
Native American Indian Genealogy by Jason Felihkatubbe
October 9
Annual Conference with Lisa Louise Cooke
November 20
Quarterly, Gary and Margaret Kraisinger,
Texas Cattle Trails Across Kansas, 1850s to 1880s
No Meeting – Happy Holidays
Click Here for a printable calendar (PDF).

January Webinar - DAR and Genealogy

Members, see the RECORDED webinar.  We just finished great webinar about the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and its Genealogical Treasures. Julie Crawford, a member of WGS and the DAR, shared her experience and knowledge of the DAR and its relationship to genealogy.
CLICK HERE to view the recorded webindar - Members Only
DOWNLOAD today's handout.

Big Read Wichita

Madeline Miller's bestselling novel Circe is this year's NEA Big Read: Wichita selection. This novel, about the lesser-known goddess Circe, takes you on a spellbinding journey into the world of gods, monsters, mortals and nymphs. Circe is a strange child — not powerful, like her father Helios, nor alluring like her mother Perse, and often ridiculed by her beautiful and charismatic siblings. 
From January 9 - February 21, 2021 the world of Circe will come to life in Wichita through book discussions, special programs and performances based on the book's characters, settings and themes. January 9th is the virtual kickoff.
For details of the Big Read, visit the Wichita Library web page and or the Big Read Wichita Facebook page.

WGS Implements Zoom

The Wichita Genealogical Society has licensed Zoom Webinar to bring you our usual educational and fun monthly programs. Until we can all meet in large groups, please join us for presentations that help with genealogy research and historical context. Also, watch for additional programs that can be brought to you through the magic of a virtual world.

A Message From The WGS President

Dear Members,
The WGS board met on June 8, 2020 and discussed the future meetings at the Wichita Public Library.  As of today, it doesn’t appear that WPL facilities will be available for our face-to-face monthly programs without severe limitations (spacing, masks, registrations).  
  As of June 8th, the access at the Wichita Public Library is limited.  Here’s a summary of their status as of June 8th.  For a complete listing and the most up-to-date status, see the library website at https://www.wichitalibrary.org/covid-19.
  1. The public is not allowed access to any of the stacks.  Book retrieval is done by staff members.
  2. All returned books are placed in quarantine for an as yet determined length of time.
  3. The current meeting limitations are 1 person/50 sq. ft, masks and advance registration of all attendees.  These limitations could change to 1 person/35 sq. ft later this year, but the date is unsure.  We don’t know if registration and masks will still be required.
  4. The storage of quarantined books and the re-purposing of the conference rooms as computing centers (with the required spacing) means that none of the conference rooms are available.  There are a few rooms available at Evergreen Library, but they will close in September for a building refurbishment. 
What does this mean to WGS programs?
  • We are looking at ways to provide our quarterly, historical presentations virtually, as well.
  • We have implemented Zoom for our monthly SIG meeting.
I’m very sorry that the current quarantine situation has halted our opportunities to talk face-to-face.  I hope your family history research is continuing unabated and I definitely look forward to seeing you all.  Stay tuned to our website and facebook page for notices. (June 10, 2020)
Margaret Kline
WGS President

Genealogy Activities - Status

The following facilities and conferences have been impacted by the Covid-19. See the associated updates.
Wichita Library
The Wichita Libraries are currently closed to in-person activities. You can reserve book on their website and pick them up from the drive-up facilities. Unfortunately, the Research Pavilion in the Advanced Learning Library is also closed. Visit https://wichitalibrary.org/covid-19 for details of the library opening.
Wichitag Genealogical Society
We are conducting monthly webinars of genealogy related topics. December we are usually closed, hence no webinar is provided. A full program has been developed for 2021 and will be released in December 2020.


Genealogy Research Opportunities

Have free time on your hands? Now is a perfect time to look deeper into your interests. Here are a couple free opportunities.

Digital Public Library of America
Are you aware of the Digital Public Library of America (www.dp.la)? It is a non-profit organization with a wide collection and offerings for genealogists. This includes The Family Research Guide to DPLA - https://dp.la/guides/the-family-research-guide-to-dpla. The following statement from DPLA describes this guide:

DPLA is totally free to use and open to all – no library card, subscription, or sign-up required! Our collection, with items from many institutions, offers a unique research resource for family historians and genealogists.

Ancestry Library Version
The Wichita Public Library is temporarily providing access to the Library Edition of Ancestry from your home or other remote location. This is normally only available from a library PC in the ALL or a branch. You still need a library card number to login and access this great service. For those who already have a subscription to Ancestry, there is still added benefit to using the library edition. While it cannot access your trees, it does provide many records that are only available on the World Edition. Take a look.

With your internet browser connect to: https://catalog.wichitalibrary.org/Polaris/Search/misc/esources.aspx, click on Ancestry Library Edition and follow login instructions. This link is also available from the libraries COVID-19 page:  https://wichitalibrary.org/covid-19

Note:  This remote access could change when the library re-opens.


Monthly Activity Updates

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March 20
DNA for Genealogists - Cluster vs Clutter
Presented by Margaret Kline, this class will provide you an overview of clustering and the various platforms available.  Additionally, you’ll learn one method to manage your DNA matches.  This course is a follow-on to last year’s DNA 101 for genealogists.
April 17
Creating a Research Guide by Rosie Wiley
Learn about a valuable tool to help you organize your genealogy.