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Wichita Genealogical Society Early City Hall and Carnegie Library

2019 Annual Conference Soon

Our 8th Annual Genalogy Conference is approaching fast. The Early Bird Registration actually ends September 8. Don't Delay!
The Wichita Genealogical Society is known for informative and professional conferences which have included Ancestry.com, Family Search, and Cyndi Ingle in the past.  Our speaker this year is Judy Russell, nationally known and respected genealogy speaker. She is funny, entertaining, and certainly knows her subject. If you haven't been to any of our annual conferences you are missing a first clast event.
It is held at the The Eugene M. Hughes Metroplex (5015 East 29th St N, Wichita, KS 67220), part of the WSU extended campus, is a great venue for conferences.​
  –  Large Conference Room with Wall-size Projection.
  –  Comfortable and Spacious Seating - Everyone has a Table.
  –  Buffet Continental Breakfast and Lunch.- FREE with Registration.
  –  Close Free Parking
  –  Visit with the Kansas State Historical Society from Topeka, KS
  –  Visit with Midwest Genealogy Center from Independence, MO.
  –  Visit with the Midwest Genealogical and Historical Society ofWichita

Interview With Judy Russell

We recently had the opportunity to visit with Judy Russell, "The Legal Genealogist", who is our key speaker at the 8th Annual Wichita Genealogical Society Conference on Oct 5th, 2019. Virgina Downing, one of our long-time members interviewed her and discussed the program she will bring to us. 
Don't miss this rare opportunity to spend a day with such a well-respected genealogy speaker. Click here for details.

Ark Valley Crossroads Newsletter Sent

Check your email and/or posted mail for the April 2019 issue of the Ark Valley Crossroads. Electronic versions were emailed on April 16th and print versions were posted on April 18th.  Margaret Kline, avceditor@wichitagensoc.org.
Current members can view this and past issues after they logon by clicking on AVC Newsletter under Members or clicking here.

Now Open for Registration
8th Annual Conference – "Judy Russell"
October 5, 2019
Join us Saturday, October 5th for another great annual conference. Registration, including online and by mail is available NOW. See the schedule and registration details.


2019 Presentation Schedule Announced

The 2019 Monthly Meeting Schedule includes a variety of research and historical presentations. All monthly meetings are held in the new Advanced Learning Library in the spacious conference center. Come early and stay late to conduct your genealogy research in the Edward and Elizabeth Burns Historical Research Pavilion where all the genealogy resources are located.
Jan 19
 Open House Tour           
WGS Team
Feb 9 Bessie Coleman 1st Person Presentation Sandra Campbell
Mar 16 German-Russian Research Karen Penner
Apr 20 Church Records Mary Hursey
May 18 Dowsing for Historical Clues Vince Marshall
June 15 Adventures in Writing Famly History Gary Clark
Jul 20 Finding Your Patriot Margaret Kline
Aug 17 Railroaded - Industry that Saved Kansas  
Sept 21 Supplemental Census Records Mary Hursey
Oct 5 Annual Conference Judy Russel
November 16 Jesse Chisolm 1st Person Presenation  
December No Monthly Meeting - Happy Holidays  
Calendar Notes:
  • The February 9th meeting is the second Saturday of the month.
  • The annual conference is October 5th.
  • February, May, August, and November are Quarterly meetings where beverages and snacks are provided by WGS.
Please note that the February meeting is on the second Saturday of the month, all others are the third Saturday as is our normal Schedule

Wichita "Who's Who" Indexed

We continue adding more records and indexes to our collection of online historical data from the Wichita. The 1929 and 1980 Who's Who in Wichita index have been posted in the Area Research section.  CLICK HERE to see over 2,000 names in the 1929 volume and more than 1,000 in the 1980 book. These books with the named biographies can then be viewed in the Wulfmeyer Genealogy Center in the downtown library.

NEW! Obituary Indexes 1939, 1941-45 & 1954

The Wichta Genealogical team led by Rosie Wiley has completed indexing all obituaries that appeared in the 1939, 1941 through 1945 & 1954 Wichita Morning Eagle. The index gives a date and page number in the paper where an obituary is found. Members, login and Click Here to see the indexes and discover how you can get a copy of the obituary. More years are being indexed and will be available soon.


NEW! Early Wichita Death Certificates

Wichita Death Certificates
The WGS has recently completed the index and transcription of death certificates issued by the city of Wichita from 1887 to 1911. This information is free to all visitors to this web site.  Click Here to see the wonderful new data available for your genealogy and family history research.


13,000 Names Indexed for You

The WGS has completed a massive project of indexing over 60 books of Wichita history listing more than 13,000 name entries. The complete index is available to WGS members to help them find ancestors and family members that may have appeared in one of these books.  
The index gives the book title, the page number of the entry, and the library call number to help find the book.  It is sorted by surname and available in nine volumes as PDFs.  Members, log in and  CLICK here to see this fabulous resource.


Wichita & Sedgwick County History Book

We have recently discovered a great history resource in our own Wichita Public Library. It is the Wichita and Sedgwick County History Book.  Now it was not lost, hidden, or is it new. Most of us just didn't know it existed. Michelle Enke, our Local History Librarian, brought this interesting book to our attention recently. Learn about area history from a two-volume collection of published articles from the 1880s to 1932.  The WGS has indexed the book and includes that index online for WGS Members. You may find your ancestors in it. Learn about it here – FOR WGS MEMBERS ONLY.


Monthly Activity Updates

Stay informed about Wichita Genealogical Society activities.  Sign up for a monthly email of current and upcoming events. Click on the green Sign Up button.


September 21
Supplemental Census Records
Mary Hursey will help you find supplemental census records. These could be alternates to the standard Federal records that may be lost or incomplete.
October 5
Annual Conference with Judy Russell
Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist, is WGS's key speaker for our 8th Annual Genealogy Conference. .
November 16
1st Person Presentation of Jesse Chisholm
Jame Jordan will give a10 minutes of background on Jesse Chisholm and the Chisholm Trail.  He will then "introduce" Chisholm and give a 30 minute presentation as Jesse Chisholm.
December 21
No December Meeting - Happy Holidays
See us start the new year on January 18th, 2020