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Gena Philibert-Ortega is an engaging speaker who helps the genealogist discover new areas of information about their ancestors. and uncovers details of traditional resources not usually known.   

Topics Include

FDR's New Deal: The WPA and Genealogy Research – Did you have a family member work for the WPA during the depression? Want to tell their story? in this presentation, we will go over the history of the WPA and how it relates to Kansas families. We will then explore where to find information about Kansas projects and employment records for WPA employees.

What Was HER Name? Steps to Researching and Finding Female Ancestors – “What’s her maiden name?” “What happened to her after her husband died?” “How do I start researching my great-grandmother?” We’ve all felt the disappointment of seeing the word “unknown” to describe a female ancestor’s name. How do we go from “unknown” to finding a name? This presentation will explain techniques, methodology, and resources vital to family history research. Enhance your research skills using a 5-step approach to researching (and finding) female ancestors

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the US Census – Think you know everything about the US Census? Most researchers know some of the ins and outs of researching the decennial census, but they don’t know about some of the census gems, including non-population schedules, census bureau reports, enumerator instructions, and "hidden" schedules. Learn more about the census so you can use it to create a more in-depth analysis of your ancestor’s life.

Bierocks, BBQ, and Grandma: Your Family's Food History – What is a family food history? It's the foods you grew up eating, it's the recipes your family passed down generation after generation, and it's the memories of food growing up. Family food history encompasses everything from recipes and community cookbooks to heirlooms like aprons and china, to how food changes over time. Learn more about family food history and how you can research your own and document it for generations to come.

Light Breakfast, Lunch, and Breaks

Your registration includes the following:

  • Light Breakfast - A packaged breakfast. Juice and coffee also.
  • Breaks – A morning and afternoon break between classes let you stretch and visit with friends.
  • Lunch – A box lunch with variety of choices. 

Conference Schedule (8:00 A.M. - 3:45 P.M.)

 8:00 - 8:45 A.M.  Registration
   Light Breakfast
 8:45 - 9:00  Welcome and Announcements
 9:00 - 10:00  FDR's New Deal: The WPA and Genealogy Research
 10:00 - 10:30  Break - Visit with Vendors
 10:30 - 11:30  What Was HER Name? Steps to Researching and Finding Female Ancestors
 11:30 - 12:30  Lunch:  Boxed Lunch- Visit with Vendors
 12:30 - 1:30  10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the US Census
 1:30 - 2:00  Break - Visit with Vendors
 2:00 - 3:00  Bierocks, BBQ, and Grandma: Your Family's Food History
 3:00 - 3:15  Questions and Answers & Adjournment

Registration is open to the public. Registration includes all of the lectures, a syllabus, handouts, 2 raffle tickets, light breakfast and box lunch. Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase. Our popular raffle includes books, software, and genealogy items that every genealogist needs. Registration fee is non-refundable. Walk-in registrations will be accepted the day of the event @ $85. (Lunch and syllabus not guaranteed for Walk-ins). For your comfort, please bring a light jacket or sweater.

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