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Ark Valley Crossroads Index - NEW Feature for Members

The Wichita Genealogical Society has published a quarterly newsletter titled Ark Valley Crossroads (AVC) for over 12 years. We have provided PDF (digital) versions since 2010 which contain a wealth of educational and research material. This index allows you to browse through the listings for articles you might be interested in. Select the Month-Year link and the appropriate AVC edition will open in a new window. Browse through Table of Contents to find the article that interests you

NOTE:  If you are not logged in, when you select and addition it will first ask you to log in. If you are not a member, consider joining to take advantage of this feature plus many other databases available only to members. 

To assist the genealogist, the index is organized by type of article. The index generally categorizes the articles into one of the follow types:

  • Methods – These are articles that describe procedures or techniques to arrive at useful genealogy data. Jump to Methods.
  • History – Generally historical accounts of local topics, though can be of any place. Jump to History.
  • Family History – Historical accounts of families or individuals that may help the genealogist see a way to document their family.
  • Records – Identifies or describes collections of records that are a typical resource for genealogist.
  • Abstracts – These are generally listings or articles extracted from newspapers or other publications. Jump to Abstracts.

NOTE: The Month-Year link will display the ENTIRE edition. If multiple articles are in that edition,  you still access them by clicking on the single link entry for that Month-Year. Several articles are noted as Free Non-Member Access, which non-members can also view to see the quality of publication we produce each quarter. CLICK HERE  for a summary table of all AVCs, organized by year. (Members only)


 Edition Topic   Author
Jan-2010 Ten signs of Technology Overload Anon.
Apr-2010 Genealogical Codicil to Will Anon.
Jul-2010 Technology Tips Lisa Quinn
Oct-2010 Technology Tip: Google Searches Lisa Quinn
Oct-2010 Technology: Genealogy Web Sites Lisa Quinn
Jan-2011 10 Commandments of Genealogy Dick Eastman
Apr-2011 Who's Who - Figuring out Relationship Chart Anon.
Apr-2011 Password Problems Lisa Quinn
Oct-2011 Cloud Computing Lisa Quinn
Jul-2012 Naming Patterns (Reprint) Louisiana Gen Hist Soc
Oct-2012 Books Online Lisa Quinn
Jan-2013 Medical Miscellany (Free Non-Member Access) Nancy Patterson
Jul-2013 Researching Your Virginia Family Virginia Downing
Oct-2013 Protecting Your Genealogy Work Anon.
Oct-2013 Consider the Source Reprint, Dick Eastman
Apr-2014 Google Alerts Reprint, Dick Eastman
Jul-2014 Finding Your Female Ancestors Anon.
Jul-2014 Do You Have a Revolutionary War Ancestor? Linda King
Jul-2014 Becoming a Mayflower Society Member Tracy Tauber
Oct-2014 What Can You Do When Little Time? Reprint, Dianne Haddad
Oct-2014 Mind Mapping Your Research Plans and Results Reprint, Thomas MacEntee
Jan-2015 Exploring the Website Linda King
Apr-2015 Storing Your Family Data Adapted, online article
Jul-2015 Using Google Maps to Trace Your Ancestors Adapted, online article
Jul-2015 Printing Those Precious Family Lines Linda King
Oct-2015 Descendancy Research Linda King
Jan-2016 Google Books, Archive, etc. Reprint, Family Tree Mag
Jan-2016 Desperate Seeking Surnames Reprint, Lisa Alzo
Apr-2016 Genealogy Tips Linda King, comp.
Jul-2016 Archiving High Quality Cell Phone Pictures Gary W. Clark
Jul-2016 Cousin Relationship Determination Anon.
Jul-2016 Let Your Cell Phone Tell You About "History Here" Reprint, Dick Eastman
Jul-2016 Research Log (Reprint)  Gena Philibert-Ortega
Jul-2016 It's at the Society (Reprint)  Gena Philibert-Ortega
Oct-2016 Following Your Ancestor's Trail (Reprint) Donna Potter Phillips
Oct-2016 Sorting Family Records Reprint, Lisa Alzo
Oct-2016 Why Deeds are Important in Genealogy Research Reprint, George G. Morgan
Oct-2016 Library Book Sales Provide Treasures Reprint, George G. Morgan
Oct-2016 Research Tips: African-Americans in Newspapers Anon.
Apr-2017 Google Outside UK Anon.
Apr-2017 Census Enumeration Districts Reprint, David A. Norris
Jan-2018 Make a Genealogical New Year's Resolution Anon.
Apr-2018 Build Your F-A-N Club Mary Hursey
Jul-2018 Homestead Act and Land Patents Rosetta Wiley
Oct-2018 Repository Research Tips Anon.
Apr-2019 Newspapers Anon.
Oct-2019 Where There's a Will, There's a Way Margaret Kline
Jan-2020 Resource List: Finding Your Female Ancestor Mary Hursey, comp.
Apr-2020 Effective Searches on Ancestry Margaret Kline
Apr-2020 What Are Gravestones Hiding Gary W. Clark
Apr-2020 Collective Book Catalogs - A Primer Margaret Kline
APR-2021 Sumner County Research Guide Rosie Wiley
July-2021 Getting the Picture? Windows Tile Tagging Margaret Kline
Oct-2021 Finding and Using Ancestry's Research Location Pages Margaret Kline
Aug-2022 Research Logs are Sexy Margaret Kline


 Edition  Topic  Author
Apr-2010 Cherokee Strip Pioneer Cookbook Recipe Anon.
Jan-2011 Home on the Prairie No author listed
Oct-2011 William G. Hacker Reprint
Jan-2012 Leap Year Anon.
Jan-2012 Wichita Police License Collector Anon.
Jan-2012 James R. Mead Anon.
Apr-2012 Mary Elizabeth Lease, Founder of Hypatia Anon.
Apr-2012 William Mathewson Anon.
Jul-2012 Jesse Chisholm Anon.
Jul-2012 The Chisholm Trail Anon.
Jul-2012 Wichita High School North Linda Klingman
Oct-2012 Wichita Pioneers Anon.
Oct-2012 Kansas Pioneers Bliss Isely, 1927
Jan-2013 Two Caves in Sedgwick County Anon.
Jul-2013 Where Did the Hamburger Come From Emilie S. Johnson
Jul-2013 Medical Miscellany Nancy Patterson
Oct-2013 Revolutionary War Ancestors Anon.
Oct-2013 Medical Miscellany Nancy Patterson
Jan-2014 Ichabod Washburn Anon.
Jan-2014 Medical Miscellany Nancy Patterson
Apr-2014 Medical Miscellany Nancy Patterson
Jul-2014 Coins on Tombstones Anon.
Jul-2014 Medical Miscellany Nancy Patterson
Oct-2014 Why isn't 'Arkansas' pronounced like Kansas Arika Okrent
Oct-2014 Medical Miscellany Nancy Patterson
Jan-2015 Medical Miscellany Linda King
Jan-2015 Warnings Out and Other Notifications (Reprint) American Ancestor
Apr-2015 Tidbits of History Linda King, comp.
Apr-2015 The Battle Against Boredom: Game (Reprint) Pennsylvanic Hist. Soc.
Apr-2015 Greensburg Tornado Virginia Downing
Jul-2015 Epidemics Anon.
Jul-2015 A Bit of History: Western Kansas and Beyond! Sharin McAfee
Oct-2015 Dead Diseases and Epidemics Linda King
Jan-2016 What Happened in January Anon.
Jan-2016 Some Pitfalls in Genealogical Research Linda King
Jan-2016 A Year Without Summer (Reprint) Reprint, multiple sources
Apr-2016 A Look Back at Old-Time Medicines Linda King, comp.
Apr-2016 Grasshopper Plague of 1874 Rosetta Wiley
Jul-2016 Tidbits of History (Reprint) Wichita Eagle
Jul-2016 Old Diseases and Their Modern Definitions Anon.
Oct-2016 Honoring the Family Name Reprint, Bill Coate
Oct-2016 Aunt of her Stepsisters (Reprint) Logansport Journal
Oct-2016 Virginian's Funeral (Reprint) Wichita Eagle
Jan-2017 Wichita and Her Libraries (Free Non-Member Access) Hortense Balderston Campbell
Jan-2017 Melungeons, Who Are They Linda King
Jan-2017 Teacher Contract Anon.
Apr-2017 The Douglas Avenue Sculptures Cassy Rohr
Jul-2017 Fearing a Smallpox Epidemic, Civil War (Reprint) Reprint, Kat Eschner
Jul-2017 Treasure Hunter Finds Clue in Driscoll Collection  Reprint, Wichita Eagle
Oct-2017 True Story of the Short-Lived State of Franklin Reprint, Kat Eschner
Oct-2017 The Wichita Public Library  Anon.
Jan-2018 Uncovered Treasure  
Jan-2018 German Father of 84 (Reprint) Wichita Eagle
Apr-2018 Coming Together for Fun Times Margaret Kline
Apr-2018 Dragging Douglas Gary Clark
Apr-2018 To Take a Lunch with the Dead (Reprint) Caitlin Doughty
Jul-2018 It's a Matter of Principal Margaret Kline
Jul-2018 From Homestead to City Margaret Kline
Jul-2019 The Wichita VA Hospital Anon.
Jan-2020 Who Was Dr. Tihen Gary W. Clark
Jan-2021 WGS Budget and Year End Message Margaret Kline
Jan-2021 Fresh Air Baby Camp Margaret Kline
Jan-2021 Early Wichita Hospitals Margaret Kline
Jan-2021 Wichita Library Covid Status Editor
Apr-2021 Association Highlight: Rotary International Margaret Kline
July-2021 Association Highlight: Int'l Order of Odd Fellows Margaret Kline
Oct-2021 Association Highlight: Girl Scouts Margaret Kline
Oct-2021 Wichita Social Organizations - 1921 Margaret Kline
Jan-2022 Association Highlight:  Modern Woodmen of America Margaret Kline
Jan-2022 The Santa Fe Trail Julie Crawford
Nov-2022 The Interesting Case of George H. Woodward Jason Felihkatubbe
Nov-2022 Camels in the U.S. Cavalry Helen Cole
Nov-2022 2023 WGS Conference Gary Clark
Nov-2022 Kansas Society of DAR Donates Library Collection Julie Crawford

Family History

Jul-2011 Native American Cordier Family Presentation Dale Cordier-Homan
Jul-2011 Cordier Family Judy Hall
Jul-2011 Covered Wagon Mary Kate Pirce
Apr-2012 Two Kansas Sisters: My Cousins Richard Hitchcock
Jan-2013 Towanda Struck by Tornado Donnis Crane
Apr-2013 All the Way to Oklahoma Anon.
Jul-2013 Brick Wall Shattered Sharon Bacon
Jan-2014 Brick Wall Broken Rosie Wiley
Jan-2014 Kansas Coal Miner Family's Disaster Wally Jensen
Apr-2014 Genealogy, Life in the Past Lane Andrea Colley
Apr-2014 A Civil War Soldier Linda King
Jul-2014 Truth or Rumor Julie Crawford
Oct-2015 Never Give Up On a Difficult Ancestor
(Free Non-Member Access)
Reprint, Dave Obee
Oct-2016 Finding Your Family Connection Linda King
Jul-2017 Early Days of the George Washington Miller Family Reprint, Lucy Alice Miller Lill


Jul-2010 More Quaker Sources Mary L. Addis-Brown
Oct-2011 Draper Papers Anon.
Jan-2012 NARA Videos Anon.
Jan-2012 Corrections to Draper Papers Anon.
Jan-2012 J.R. Mead, Special Collections Anon.
Jan-2012 Change in Illinois Adoption Records Anon.
Jan-2012 1st Presbyterian Church Gary Huffman
Jan-2012 Historical Counties on Line Lisa Quinn
Jan-2012 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps Sarah J. Martin
Jan-2015 Native American Resources at WPL Anon.
Jan-2015 Discovering the American Indian Archives, Reprint  Billy Stone Fogarty
Apr-2015 WPL Acquisitions Michelle Enke
Oct-2015 Various Internet Sites Anon.
Jul-2016 Religious Emblems Reprint, Donna Phillips
Apr-2017 African-American History Research Anon.
Apr-2017 War Maps  
Jul-2017 Census Mortality Schedules Reprint, George G. Morgan
Jul-2018 Kansas Land Tracks Margaret Kline
Oct-2018 Wichita McCormick School Museum Gary Clark
Oct-2018 Edmund Stanley Library at Friends University Helen Cole
Jan-2019 Wichita's First Presbyterian Church Gary M. Huffman

German Newspapers of the Arkansas Valley
(Free Non-Member Access)

Apr-2019 Search Tips for German Newspapers Anon.
Apr-2019 Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society Julia Langel
Jul-2019 WPL Advanced Learning Library Research Pavilion Anon.
Oct-2019 Genealogical Resources at the State Archives Sara J. Keckeisen
Jan-2020 WSU's Ablah Library Anon.
Jan-2020 Tihen's Notes at Ablah Library Gary W. Clark
Jan-2021 Trust But Verify - A Civil War Records Story Gary W. Clark
Jan-2022 Location, Location, Location:   Margaret Kline
Nov-2022 The Dawes Roll Jason Felihkatubbe
Jan-2010 Techno Tips Lisa Quinn


 Edition Topic  Author 
Jan-2010 Letter of the Civil War, Part 3 Staff
Obituaries, 1909 Staff
Jan-2010 Brookdale Twp Hall Cemetery Staff
Jan-2010 Society News 1910 Staff
Jan-2010 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2010 Diary of S/Sgt. Virgil R. Embry Staff
Apr-2010 Obituaries, 1909 Staff
Apr-2010 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2010 Society Gossip, 1910 Staff
Apr-2010 Register, Friends Sand Creek Cemetery Staff
Jul-2010 Society Gossip Staff
Jul-2010 Diary of S/Sgt. Virgil R. Embry Staff
Jul-2010 1909 Obituaries Staff
Jul-2010 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2010 Evening Gossip, 1910 Staff
Oct-2010 Wichita, Vidette Staff
Oct-2010 No Longer Gretna Green Staff
Oct-2010 1909 Obituaries Staff
Oct-2010 Diary of S/Sgt. Virgil R. Embry Staff
Oct-2010 LaCrosse Class Roll, 1893-1926 Staff
Oct-2010 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2011 Society Gossip Staff
Jan-2011 1907 Obituary Index Staff
Jan-2011 Diary of S/Sgt. Virgil R. Embry Staff
Jan-2011 LaCrosse Class Roll, 1926-1938 Staff
Jan-2011 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2011 Society Gossip Staff
Apr-2011 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2011 1907 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2011 We are the Chosen Della Cummings Wright 
Jul-2011 Society Gossip Staff
Jul-2011 Who's Who in Wichita 1929 Staff
Jul-2011 Biographical Sketches of Kansans Staff
Jul-2011 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2011 1908 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2011 Society News, 1911 Staff
Oct-2011 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2011 1908 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2011 Change in Countryside around Young Wichita Reprint
Oct-2011 Spanish Influenza Virginia Downing 
Jan-2012 Society News Staff
Jan-2012 1887 Biz Direct. Of Winfield Staff
Jan-2012 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2012 1909 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2012 Society News Staff
Apr-2012 1909 Obituaries Staff
Apr-2012 Wichita Morning Eagle Obituaries Staff
Apr-2012 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2012 Society News Staff
Jul-2012 Wichita Morning Eagle Obits Staff
Jul-2012 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2012 1909 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2012 Study of Genealogy Reprint, Wichita Eagle
Oct-2012 Society News Staff
Oct-2012 New from Neighboring Towns, Beacon Staff
Oct-2012 Highland Cemetery Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2012 1910 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2012 1940 Obituaries Shirley Albers 
Jan-2013 Obits 1910 Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2013 1910 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2013 Beacon 1910 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2013 1910 Obits Staff
Jan-2014 1910 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2014 1911 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2014 1911 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2014 1911 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2015 1911 Obituaries Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2015 1911 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2015 Elks Staff
Jul-2015 1911 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2015 Lived Hard Lives in Pioneer Days (Free Non-Member Access) 1917 Lincoln, Illinois 
Jan-2016 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2016 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2016 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2016 April 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2017 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2017 Wyatt Earp Kin Reprint, Wichita Eagle
Apr-2017 Wyatt Earp's Cousin Reprint, Wichita Eagle
Apr-2017 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2017 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2017 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2018 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2018 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2018 1912 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2018 Obits 1912 Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2019 1913 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2019 1913 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jul-2019 1913 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Oct-2019 Obits 1913 Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2020 1913 Obits Claudia Vickery 
Apr-2020 1913 September Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2021 1913 Obits Claudia Victory
July-2021 1913 November Obits Claudia Vickery 
Jan-2022 1914 January Obits Claudia Vickery
Aug-2022 1914 March Obits Claudia Vickery
Nov-2022 1914 April Obits Claudia Vickery

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