WGS Volunteer Opportunities – Immediate opening for Public Relations chairperson.

The Wichita Genealogical Society is 100% staffed by volunteers who have a passion for genealogy and are interested in helping the society operate as a premier asset to the city and genealogists.

A  three level structure of volunteers is what makes the WGS function:

  1. Elected Officers - Serve a year at at time, elected by the WGS membership in the fall preceding the annual calendar term.
  2. Committee Chairs - Board members appointed by the president to manage specific and crucial functions.
  3. Project Volunteers - Selected from volunteers for specific projects that may be short term or recurring.

Through natural rotation, we have numerous volunteer positions open on our board of directors. If you would like to experience the joy of furthering genealogy, and help define the direction of the WGS please consider the open positions.  In addition to the board positions, we have many project volunteer opportunities coming up in 2022.  These are shorter term tasks that focus on specific projects like helping with the annual conference, assisting  library projects, writing opportunities, and others.

Note:  Positions are available to all interested and qualified people, even if you not a current member. However, if you wish to become a volunteer in one of the open positions, you must be willing to become a member and join the WGS upon selection for the position.

Board of Director Positions – Standing Committee Chairs

The Board of Directors is comprised of Standing Committee Chairs that serve a minimum one year at a time, though many have been in place for over five years. These positions are voting members of the Board of Directors and provide you with active opportunity in important decision making. They require attendance to the board meetings, which are held the second Monday of the month at 6:00 P.M. at the Advanced Learning Library, 711 West Second. Current openings are:


Do you like to be creative with words, pictures, and images? Would you like to help the Wichita Genealogical Society build interest in events and membership? Would you like to be on the WGS Board of Directors and help with the continual building of the society as a valuable genealogy resource?

Position Overview – This position is responsible for communicating upcoming WGS activities, society news, industry alerts, and other information to society members, the extended mailing list, other societies and genealogy organizations, and news outlets when appropriate.

The publicity functions are mostly conducted via social media platforms, email, and internet-based applications. Familiarity with them is a plus or learning how to use them is essential. You don’t have to start from scratch. All these activities are currently in progress and training and orientation for each of them will be provided. If all this sounds interesting, rewarding and fun, let us know.

Duties - The duties include a variety of strategic thinking tasks, creative communication in messaging, writing, and use of graphics and photos.

  1. Attend the monthly board meeting and keep abreast of any upcoming events that may need publicity and then assist others with publicity.
  2. Attend the monthly meetings and presentations to understand the audience and what PR tactics is best to reach them, and help promote upcoming events.
  3. Manage and use a contact management system for email campaigns to our members and friends.
  4. Craft attention-grabbing notices, alerts, and emails to promote WGS activities that include monthly meeting/presentations, classes, annual conference, and other activities.
  5. Create effective promotions using Facebook and other social media applications.
  6. Contact local media outlets (newspaper, TV, radio, etc.) when appropriate to promote WGS activities.

Qualifications - The Public Relations Chairperson must be a good communicator in writing and sometimes speaking to other individuals or groups. This is a high-profile position to our membership as you will communicate to them frequently.

  • Experience with contact management programs is helpful, or be willing to learn
  • A PC based computer system with high-speed internet connection.
  • Experience with MS Word or comparable software, spreadsheets, and creation of PDF files.
  • Basic graphics understanding including photo manipulation to use in communications including social media, website, and printed material.
  • Basic to advanced experience with Facebook. Additional social media platform experience is a plus.
  • Willingness to learn new software and applications that are used by the WGS.
  • Experience creating professionally printed promotion materials such as the society brochure is a plus.

A more detailed description is available to interested people.

Contact: Margaret Kline at president@wichitagensoc.org.

Project Volunteers

Project Volunteers help the society and the Wichita Public Library with projects that last weeks or some are on-going. These projects and positions are very rewarding themselves. We have some dedicated individuals who have been volunteering for upwards of ten years.

  • We are currently compiling a list of project volunteer opportunities for 2022. This will page will updated soon.

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