Video Interviews with Gena Philibert-Ortega

Fourth VIDEO – Gena reveals how your family's food history helps fill out your family history in Bierocks, BBQ, and Grandma: Your Family's Food History

Third VIDEO – Gena shares with Virginia a hint things in 10 Facts You Didn't Know About the US Census. Video is two minutes ten seconds long.

SECOND VIDEO – Virginia Downing continues with a discussion of the second presentation by Gena: What Was Her Name? Steps to Researching Female Ancestors. Video is one minute forty seconds long.

FIRST VIDEO – This video introduces the conference lineup and our key speaker. Virginia Downing, longtime WGS and conference committee member, interviews Gena as she covers some of the highlights of the first presentation: 

FDR's New Deal: The WPA and Genealogy Research. Video is slightly more than two minutes.

We will post additional videos every two weeks. 

  • First Video – FDR's New Deal: The WPA and Genealogy Research, July 13 - Uploaded and Available
  • Second Video – What Was HER Name? Steps to Researching and Finding Female Ancestors, July 27 - Uploaded and Available
  • Third Video – 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About the US Census, August 10
  • Fourth Video – Bierocks, BBQ, and Grandma: Your Family's Food History, August 24
  • Bonus Video – Out takes - funniest moments of making these, August 31

The amazing conference lineup can benefit nearly every genealogists – from beginners to experts. 

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