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Kansas Cookbooks

Female ancestors can be elusive!  One thing women had in common was they all cooked meals for their family. A tradition in Kansas was for a community, organization, or church to collect favorite recipes from their members and share them with others in a published cookbook. These were popular fund-raising projects and delighted both the readers with new dishes to try and the contributors with sharing their cooking secrets. So what better place to find your female ancestors!!
Hundreds of cookbooks from Kansas, some in the Wichita Library, have been indexed, listing the person who contributed the recipe in alphabetical order. Additional information includes the town or city it is from, the title of the cookbook, and page number. Finding your ancestor in these indexes may lead you to the cookbook where you can discover their favorite meals.
There are two volumes, each indexed by the contributors Last Name.  Volume One is included below. There are thousands of names, organized in several PDF files.  Volume I has 84 cookbooks with 13,000 names.  We are working on Volume II so if you would like to add your cookbooks please contact us at www.info@wichitagensoc.org
Volume I (Last Names)