Wichita Genealogical Society - 1987
Wichita Genealogical Society Early City Hall and Carnegie Library
The WGS has a great schedule of presentations in 2021. We are continuing our practice of offering a combination of historical presentations and genealogy research methods and practices. Don't miss these.
January 16
Today's DAR and the
Genealogical Treasures, by Julie Crawford
February 20
Prisca Barnes  presents Wichita's Dockum Drugstore Sit-In
March 20
DNA for Genealogy - Clusters by Margaret Kline
April 17
Creating a Research Guide by Rosie Wiley
May 15
Quarterly, Bonnie Johnson Suzanna Midora Salter, 1st US Mayor
June 19
The G.A.R. in Kansas: A
Treasure Chest of Civil War Genealogy
by Gary Clark
July 17
The Western History Collections by Jason Felihkatubbe
August 21
Quarterly, Orin Friesen
History of Country Music in Wichita from the 1920s on
September 18
Native American Indian Genealogy by Jason Felihkatubbe
October 9
Annual Conference with Lisa Louise Cooke
November 20
Gary and Margaret
Kraisinger, Texas Cattle Trails Across Kansas, 1850s to 1880s
No Meeting
These presentations will be in the form of Webinars using the Zoom online application until physical meeting restrictions are lifted by the Wichita Public Library. Please check out the webinars as they offer the same high-quality information right to you in the comfort of your own home. In addition, WGS members are able to view a video recording of past webinars. This is convenient for those who want to review the material again or their schedule does not allowing viewing the live webinar.