Wichita Genealogical Society - 1987
Wichita Genealogical Society GAR Memorial, Maple Grove Cemetery, Wichita

Find A Grave Video Presentation

WGS introduces a 3-part Find A Grave video presentation that brings something new to experienced and novice users alike. Find A Grave has many features, most underused, that can help a genealogist research and document their ancestors' resting places.
Each part is less than 15 minutes long and includes traditional slides interleaved with actual demonstrations in Find A Grave, all narrated by Gary Clark. Part 1 is an introduction and overview of basic research steps, though the experienced user may find something new. Plus it has a fun ending. Part 2 reveals many great features that can help a genealogist keep track of ancestor resting places. This is probably the most important part of the presentation. Part 3 covers the basics of entering new records and making changes to existing ones. 
This was developed specifically for the Wichita Genealogical Society. The topic was original scheduled as a live presentation at the April monthly meeting, and now broadcast in place of the May monthly meeting. 
Here is a brief outline of the 3 parts and access to them. Click on VIEW next to each part, they are delivered from the WGS web server. You may want to maximize your screen to see a full-screen view of the presentation.
Part I - 16 Minutes - VIEW
   –  Overview
   –  Searching for Graves
   –  Searching for Cemeteries
Part II  - 14 Minutes - VIEW
  –  Document Your Find
  –  Save, Share, & Publish Information
Part III - 14 Minutes - VIEW
  –  Additions & Changes
  –  Management Rights
  –  The App
  –  FAQs
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Click here for a note page of the Name Game described in the last few minutes of the Part 3. This is a fun exercise in researching unique given names of the past. The notes include the easy-to-follow steps.
If your browser was not able to display the above embedded videos, you can access them directly from YouTube with the below links. 
Part I - Direct YouTube Connection
Part II - Direct YouTube Connection
Part III - Direct YouTube Connection
You can also access the author's complete YouTube channel which contains these videos by Clicking Here