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Description & Sample of Wichita History

NOTE: This page includes three indexed letters (of Surnames) from the database. The full source covers all names and topics, A - Z. Please consider joining the Wichita Genealogical Society for this and many other area research tools.  If you are a member, be sure to login using your login credentials.  Thank You.
The Wichita Public Library has a unique book of historical stories from early newspapers. Titled Early History of Wichita Sedgwick County (Call number: R978.186) it is located in the  Wulfmeyer Genealogy Center on the lower floor of the downtown library.
The two-volume book was compiled in 1932 from stories and clippings from Wichita newspapers and other sources. Some go back to the 1880s. The books have indexes of all the articles, including surnames, towns, events, and other subjects referenced in the articles.
The Wichita Genealogy Society is in the process of copying the indexes so they can be searched on this website. This project, begun in January of 2016, will let you search a PDF file of articles. Click on the link in the right column for names beginning with that letter.
Search the Index
The page is a PDF file and is searchable. Press CTRL F on a PC computer, or COMMAND F on a Mac for the search box. A right click in Acrobat reader will also bring up the Search Box, and Turn on the Tool Bar in Mac Preview will allow you fo Find within the EDIT tab.
Or you can simply scroll down the page to find the name you are looking for. 
The Index includes a First and Last name of an individual or an explanation of the entry (when available). Also listed is the Volume Number of the book containing the article and the Page Number. You will need to view the actual book and article in the library to read or copy the article. But this index will help you determine if there is anything you are interested in right from your computer. Be sure you write the Volume Number and Page Number before you come to the library, although the original index books are available also. Click on the following letters(s) to view the index.
General History Research
Besides all the indexed names for individual research, this book is a wonderful resource of general Wichita and Sedgwick County history. If you are interested in a wide historical look at the area, you may want to browse through these books in the library  – they are fascinating. Remember their call letters:  R978.186 WIC.
Early History of Wichita Wichita History
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