Wichita Genealogical Society - 1987
Wichita Genealogical Society GAR Memorial, Maple Grove Cemetery, Wichita

Quick Start Guide

This Quick Start Guide will help you explore features and options of the new Wichita Genealogical Socity website. The Guide may reference areas that are available only to members.
 Important Icons
These tools allow you to edit the page or field; or delete the page or field.
Members Area
This area allows current WGS members to login, perform some profile maintenance, and access members-only features.
Login - Members have been provided the format of their initial Login Name and Password.  We encourage you to change your Login Name and Password as soon as possible. Change it to something you are comfortable with and will remember
Changing Login and Password
  1. Once you have logged in with you initial  login and password, click on PROFILE in the menu below Members Area. 
  2. General information about your account will be displayed
  3. Click on the tab labeled MEMBER SETTINGS.
  4. An area labeled SITE ACCESS will list your Login Name and a Password area (password not displayed)
  5. Click on the PENCIL icon next to each to change your Login Name and then the Password.
  6. Click on SAVE to make your changes permanent.
  7. Be sure to remember or record your new Login Name and Password.
Other Changes - The ability for members to change address, email address, and other profile items will be available by the end of 2015. If you would like your picture loaded to your profile, send it to membeship@wichitagensoc.org. These are not used anywhere else at this time.
AVC Newsletter
Current and past issues (back to January 2010) are available to read as PDF files.
About Us
About Us provides the reader with WGS Board of Directors and email lnks to many areas of responsibility.
Annual Conference
Information about the 2015 Annual Genealogy Conference is available, including a program overview, schedule, and registration information and forms.
Events Calendar
Future Events with short descriptions will appear in the Events Calendar. The closest 5 will always appear on the home page. 
WGS Blog
A Blog will include helpful tips, book reviews, reviews of presentations, and other short articles that may be useful to the genealogist. The latest one appears first. The Blog pate is read-only, however we encourage you to send Blog entries to the Webmaster. 
City/Area Directories
These are historical directories that may help in your genealogy research
Sedgwick Co. Cemeteries
All cemeteries in Sedgwick County will soon be listed, along with address, directions and even a map which can be enlarged. In addition, GPS coordinates are listed that can assist you in finding the cemetery.  A link is also provided to that cemeteries entry in Find A Grave to see the individual grave entries. A link to BillionGraves is also included if it has grave records.
Surname Research
Current Members of the Wichita Genealogical Society can enter surnames, a county where the person lived, and a range of dates they lived  in the county. You can enter the same surname multiple times to account for different families or movement. Non-members cannot enter names into the database, but ALL people (members and non-members) may search the Surname database. You can then contact the person who entered the Surname through the web page, asking more questions or providing information - or change to say Hi Cousin!
Entering Surnames - Surnames are entered on the PROFILE page, listed under the MEMBERS AREA. You must be logged into your account
  1. Login to your account.
  2. Cllick on PROFILE under the MEMBERS AREA on the main menu.
  3. Click on the SURNAMES tab (fourth).
  4. Surname table will appear.
  5. Click on the Plus Sign (+) to add a surname.
File Downloads
This is area is organized by categories for file downloads. These are usually not genealogy documents such as directories, those are in the RESOURCE section. : The Categories may be restricted to members only or open to  the public. Also, some categories maybe be applicable only to specific groups. If they are for a group, you will not see the category unless you are part of that group. For example, there may be groups of different committees or the Board of Directors.
Genealogy Links
This is a collection of links to various Genealogy related websites. They are grouped by category to narrow the search, or you can browse all of them on one screen.
This provides the email addresses and a blank form to contact various functions at WGS