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GPS Tips for Finding Cemeteries

GPS coordinates are included for each cemetery to assist in finding out-of-the-way cemeteries. We use the "Degrees Decimal" format as it is the easiest to read and enter into GPS systems and apps.  The Degrees Decimal  format consists of two numbers with six decimal points, the first being the latittude and the second the longitude. As an example, the coordinates for the Maple Grove Cemetery on north Hilliside in Wichita are:
37.701111    -97.298889
A simple example of using this is with iPhone Maps. Entering the above numbers, seperated by a comma, will bring up a map to the cemetery. Apps in other phones, tablets, and computers should be able to function in the same manner. Please note: Use any "–" (minus sign) included with the coordinates, or your map destination may show someplace in China.
iPhone Map Example 
Example of finding a destination with GPS coordinates using iPhone Maps.