Wichita Genealogical Society - 1987
Wichita Genealogical Society GAR Memorial, Maple Grove Cemetery, Wichita

Membership in WGS

Membership in the Wichita Genealogical Society is open to anyone interested in genealogy and family history research. The annual dues are:
  • Individuals    $25.00
  • Each Additional Household Member    $10.00
  • Organizations    $25.00
  • Printed Copy of Quarterly Newsletter:  $10.00
Membership and mailings start the month following the receipt of the dues by WGS and last for one year from that date. Members will be issued a membership card. Members will receive The Ark Valley Crossroads each quarter in PDF format ($10.00 annually for a printed and mailed version) along with notices of special events pertaining to genealogy.
Members living outside the United States should send their membership dues as a Money Order in U.S. dollars. Please include an additional $5.00 per annual membership "cost of mailing" fee.
To become a member please print, complete, and mail Membership Form.
To avoid mailing interruptions, please notify the Society as soon as possible when you anticipate an address Change. Send your mailing label (or copy) and your new address, including Zip + 4, to the following address:
Wichita Genealogical Society
Attention: Registrar
P. O. Box 3705
Wichita, KS 67201-3705