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Maple Grove Cemetery
1000 N. Hilliside Ave
.Wichita, Ks 67214 USA
General Information: 24,981 interments. Founded in 1888 by A.A. Hyde and other leading citizens, Maple Grove was designed to be the "finest cemetery between the Mississippi River and the Rockies."  Maple Grove includes a very large number of Civil War veteran graves and a large memorial to unknown soldiers and the GAR.
Directions: 1000 North Hillside, east side of Hillside. Across the street from the Highland Cemetery.
GPS:  Decimal:  37° 42.08106 N;  97° 17.94072 W
GPS:  Minutes:  37° 42' 04" N;  97° 17' 56" W
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Civil War Tombstones
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Memorial to Unknown Soldiers
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Civil War Veterans
Maple Grove Entrance