Wichita Genealogical Society - 1987
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About Us

Our Beginnings
The Wichita Genealogical Society (WGS) was formed in 1987 by a group of family researchers, genealogists, and historians dedicated to preserving and sharing genealogical material. This group also had a desire to promote the growth of the Local History and Genealogy Department of the Wichita Public Library, making it a Premier Research Center in Kansas.
WGS is an active member of the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) and the Kansas Council of Genealogical Societies (KCGS), and a support group of the Wichita Public Library.
Our Mission
Our mission is twofold. One mission focus is "to facilitate the gathering of genealogical and family history information for the researcher." To that end WGS offers education, assistance, support, and opportunities for both members and non-members. Workshops covering various topics in genealogy and research methods are given periodically and seminars presenting nationally known genealogical authorities are included. Research trips are offered which are important advantages in accessing other genealogical repositories. Members are always happy to help others in their quest to answer genealogy research questions.
The second mission focus is "to support the Local History and Genealogy Department of the Wichita Public Library." This takes the form of providing volunteers, funding for acquisitions, preservation, etc. Some WGS members provide staffing to the Local History and Genealogy Department with volunteers who work with the librarian and assist patrons with their research questions. WGS contributes books, microfilm, microfiche, and other genealogical research materials to the genealogical collection at the Wichita Public Library as well as the numerous quarterly publications WGS receives through a nation wide publication exchange program with other genealogical and historical societies. For more WGS sponsored databases and holdings, see WGS Resources.

Operating Year: January - December 2019

Executive Board
President: Rosie Wiley
Vice President: Helen Cole
Treasurer: Terri Tasker
Registrar: Phyllis Schanbacher
Secretary: Janell White
Committee Chairs
Ark-Valley Crossroads: Margaret Kline
Classes and Discussion Groups: Mary Hursey
Education: Mary Hursey
Exchanges/Publications: Julie Crawford
Historian: Kaye Hamlin
Hospitality: Janell White
Library Liason: Jim Byrum
Postal: James Hamlin
Publicity: Marilyn Landreth
Research Requests: Rosie Wiley
Special Projects: Claudia Vickery
Trips: Rosie Wiley
Trips Director: Mary Hursey
Webmaster: Gary W. Clark
Wichita Library: Cynthia Berner